Building on fifteen years of corporate experience, I became a consultant and began coaching entrepreneurs and executives in 2002. I’ve supported my clients on countless matters as an executive coach strategizing with corporate executives and business owners. In this role I also fulfilled an interim communication's executive role for my clients and delivered custom training, wrote articles, presented keynote and expert speaker presentations, and assisted groups and individuals with networking. I offer a unique focus sharpening session to kick-off annual meetings, company retreats, conferences, team buildings and networking events. If your specific need is not covered in my service offering, let’s discuss it.

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I enjoy working with Donna for she pushes and pulls ideas and puts them into actionable items immediately. She is helping me move the ball down the field towards achieving our grand vision. From the perspective of execution - I seriously doubt you'll find anyone better to help drive, construct and deliver on your mark/comm. Anton M. – President, Quviant Group
I met Donna when she led the Women's Regional Business Council (WRBC) and was immediately impressed with her characteristic leadership and interpersonal approach while she led a very diverse, energetic community of executives. She is a connector of ideas and people and is truly an innovative thinker no matter what the challenge or situation. She is foremost a strategist, with strengths also in executive communications and planning. I've been fortunate to have her support over the course of my corporate executive career. Lauren S. - Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Technology
Donna is an expert in client management and business strategy. Her advice and judgment is invaluable and I can always count on her to respond quickly and effectively. Donna listens, applies strategy and process to every situation and always comes up with a workable solution. Donna is also an expert writer and can work accurately to gather facts especially under tight deadlines. Having Donna as a go to person is an invaluable resource to all business owners. My business would not be whole without her. Sheryl R. - Owner, Creative Media Agency
Donna Teitelman served as the keynote speaker for the inaugural meeting of our board of directors the year I was president. I selected her because she has great ideas about organizing processes, teams and business improvements. Donna uses her extensive business knowledge to lead, educate and inspire those around her. She was an engaging speaker for our group and really flexed with our delayed start and overall timeframe for her presentation. Sharon H. - Past President, Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW)
Donna is our staff writer who creates personalized writing pieces for our customers. She works brilliantly utilizing a thorough intake and interview process with our clients and then writes impactful content in their voice. The results are phenomenal. Donna is such a pleasure to work with; she makes the process so simple for our clients and always makes us look great. Brynne T. – CEO, Social Selling
Donna instructs employee fitness at my company and I’ve been a weekly participant in her classes for several years. She combines Pilates for core strength, weights for muscle tone and Qigong style movement for relaxation and focus. I wouldn’t miss her classes for the world. Donna is creative in her approach and dedicated to including participants at all fitness levels and keeping them safe while they workout to stay healthy and happy. Mary Ellen G. – RN, BCN, OCN – Health Care