Can’t Get Started Writing?

How to Get Off the Blank Page

Nothing is more intimidating than staring at a blank page when an article, resume, bio, or speech is due. That first word, sentence, or paragraph can take hours to come to mind. I never try to write on a blank page.

I skip that stressful aspect of writing altogether by making my first activity interesting and productive. I use a graphic to capture and expand my thoughts on the topic. Sometimes my ideas flow faster than I can write, so this technique enables me to convert a stream of consciousness into organized drafts and ultimately a professional product. It works every time and allows me to enjoy writing. Here is my proven approach to getting off the blank page FAST!


  1. Write down the purpose of the document
  2. Create a graphic which captures the four main points
  3. Record sub-points under each main point
  4. Flesh out a few thoughts on each sub-point
  5. Transfer the information to the blank sheet
  6. Put them in an order that builds momentum around the main idea
  7. Research as needed to strengthen and prove points
  8. Reread and clean it up
  9. Proof it
  10. Publish it

I am a visual person, so to help you see my method in action, here is the graphic I used to write this piece. I hope this helps you to write your next document with ease. If not, seek the assistance of someone who loves to write and has a proven record of accomplishment of success



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