Be the CEO of Your Career

I worked in Corporate America from high school graduation until I left 15 years later to pursue my interest in Executive Coaching. I loved every minute of those days and had an active progression through the ranks, making hundreds of lifelong contacts.

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Can’t Get Started Writing?

How to Get Off the Blank Page

Nothing is more intimidating than staring at a blank page when an article, resume, bio, or speech is due. That first word, sentence, or paragraph can take hours to come to mind. I never try to write on a blank page.


Functional Meeting Participation


A high point in my growth as a leader was the opportunity to run board meetings. I developed some highly effective facilitation strategies in my corporate position as a member of a companywide Advisory Council. Our group represented staff across the country and my role was to lead employee action committees representing a site of 2000.


Interviewer Forgot My Name

But Remembered My Story

Whether you’re selling a product or service or presenting yourself in a job search, storytelling is your best strategy for powerfully enrolling others in your goal. Find me someone who will remember the facts from your resume and I’ll be surprised, but a well-told story is a memory that can last a lifetime.


Make the Most of Every Call

When I was eight my mother overheard me answering the house phone and telling a caller that my father was not at home. I got a lecture for giving out personal information to a stranger.


Move It or Lose It

How Physical Exertion Aids Productivity

The stress of an impending deadline can either stimulate or paralyze a person. I usually find that pressure motivates me simply because I’ve got no choice but to perform and deliver.


Stop Killing Your Relationships

It is as ancient as time itself and has many names. In business, they call it “The Water Cooler Conversation”; in a social setting, it is labeled as “Gossip”; while the children’s game is known as, “Whisper Down the Lane”.


Trick Yourself to Succeed

I have accomplished some very interesting and diverse goals over the years and many people see me as a courageous risk-taker. Actually, the opposite is true, because as a business strategist, I carefully plan every move.


Why I Won’t Edit Your Resume

People frequently ask me to review their resumes. Who could blame them, I’ve been writing resumes since 1999, so certainly, I can give a few pointers. In my experience, I have found it is usually more work to try to edit a document than creating a new one. When I create a great resume, I follow a strategic path.

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