Professional Bio

Every leader needs one. Bios tell your story on the company webpage or social site. It is the first item requested when you become a board member or join an industry association committee. Event planners and publication editors ask for one when you participate on a panel or as a guest speaker. It might even be used to introduce you at a conference or meeting. Your bio is an opportunity to put your best foot forward and maintain your ability to promote a positive image or brand.

  • Website Bio
  • Speaker’s Introduction
  • Bio for networking or Leave Behind Marketing Sheet


Different professional venues require different professional bios. The bio used inside my Fortune 50 company is different from what I share outside the organization. Donna helped me craft my story for a dozen separate professional purposes since our first engagement in 2001. Each time the key qualities and experiences that support my objectives are artfully composed into a comprehensive yet easily understandable deliverable. We have never missed turning a growth or learning experience in the past into a re-enforcing strength in the final document. I count on Donna to build upon her understanding of my goals and opportunities to help me create the best self-promotion.Robert W. – Chief Engineer, Aerospace
Donna is my go-to consultant when it comes to presenting my credentials. After she wrote my bio, I went back to her on multiple occasions to wordsmith my business proposals. Donna takes the time to understand exactly what I’m trying to convey in my proposals and then works quickly to turnaround the documents.Jane B.P. – Principal, Non-Profit Organization Management
I met Donna through the “Make Mine a Million” organization networking. I was an award winner who was promoting other women entrepreneurs to present their businesses for this prestigious honor. Donna came out to our meetings and shared her expertise on writing and delivering the 90 second business pitch. I hired her to write my executive bio and use the document for my website, speaking engagements and RFPs. I consider Donna an important part of my professional network. Mary S. - Principal, Government Contracting
After being selected for the Betsy Magness Leadership Institute, I was asked to provide a professional bio for their archives. It was important to me to present a balanced document showing my accomplishments in a holistic way without getting too self-aggrandizing. Donna worked with me to fully understand my background as well as how I wanted the piece presented. As my career progressed, Donna helped me promote an evolved brand even though I continued to work in the same company. As I moved up through the organization, that messaging was used for my intro at events in which I served as a guest speaker and executive panel member. I appreciate that Donna was very knowledgeable about my skills and preferences. She produced the look and feel that was so important to me and kept my bio relevant over the years.Debbie B. – Marketing, Cable TV.
My invitation to judge “Cupcake Smash” for Philabundance was an honor. The marketing department needed my bio and headshot by the end of the week. The bio Donna wrote and the photo shoot she arranged, sent me to the head of the class. My invitation as judge was elevated from the amateur group to the professional division. Donna has been working her magic with my career for years. I first had her do my resume in 2010 with updates annually and she has been there every step of the way with excellent career advice as well as letters of recommendations for several important events.Toni J. – Chef / Owner, The Mixing Bowl
What I needed for my business was a bio that stung with authenticity, but soothed with compassion. There was only one person who could pull this off, and she did quickly in effortless fashion. Donna Teitelman captured the essence of who I am, what I do and why I do it, in a bio that I use on my website, proposals and social media. Donna has an extraordinary way of gathering strategic information and organizing it. I seek her assistance when any part of my business requires sharp, informative and engaging writing. Donna listens and then she writes. Don't let this simple formula fool you. It isn't as easy as it might appear and the results are always dramaticAmy R. - Owner Retail Design
  • 90 minute assessment intake
  • Two, 30 minute editing phone calls
  • Bio draft
  • Final Bio document in open format & pdf
  • Maximum consult time 1 month